Sensing Waves was formed by Shamik in April of 2014 to help give Canadian artists a platform to release their deep, ambient, experimental, and downtempo music.  In 2015, the label branched out and launched the Sensing Airwaves podcast which is hosted by Shamik. 


Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 8, Into Year Five - iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 7, Full Moon New Year - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW017: Plastic Nostalgia by Loft - Bandcamp / iTunes

SW016: No Frontier by Žhii - Bandcamp

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 6, Beatless Explorations - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW015: Early Hours by Calmpound - Bandcamp 

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 5 (feat Kate Faust) -  iTunes / Soundcloud

SW014: House On An Island by Alexander Ocho - Bandcamp / iTunes

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 4 - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW013: On The Valley Floor... by Wiklow - Bandcamp / iTunes 

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 3 (feat Calmpound) - iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 2- iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Waves Year 1 compilation- Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 1- iTunesSoundcloud

SW012: Floral by proche- BandcampiTunes

SW011: Deep Rest by Loft- BandcampiTunes

SW010: Hub by Siadic- BandcampiTunes

SW009: The Bend by KousK- BandcampiTunes

SW008: Hemispheres (feat. Shane Kellahan) by Shamik- BandcampiTunes

SW007: Borough Streets by Ebbwebs- BandcampiTunes / Video

SW006: Impulses by Calmpound- BandcampiTunes

SW005: No Lords by Heroshe- BandcampiTunes

SW004: 11 11 rmx (feat. Lee Hutzulak) by souns- BandcampiTunes

SW003: Cloaca Maxima by Žhii- BandcampiTunes

SW002: Wen Im Alone by Calmpound- BandcampiTunes

SW001: The Point by Shamik- BandcampiTunes