Sensing Waves was formed by Shamik in April of 2014 to help give Canadian artists a platform to release their deep, ambient, experimental, and downtempo music.  In 2015, the label branched out and launched the Sensing Airwaves podcast which is hosted by Shamik. 


SW018: Zenith by Siadic - Bandcamp / iTunes

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 8, Into Year Five - iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 7, Full Moon New Year - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW017: Plastic Nostalgia by Loft - Bandcamp / iTunes

SW016: No Frontier by Žhii - Bandcamp

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 6, Beatless Explorations - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW015: Early Hours by Calmpound - Bandcamp 

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 5 (feat Kate Faust) -  iTunes / Soundcloud

SW014: House On An Island by Alexander Ocho - Bandcamp / iTunes

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 4 - iTunes / Soundcloud

SW013: On The Valley Floor... by Wiklow - Bandcamp / iTunes 

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 3 (feat Calmpound) - iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 2- iTunes / Soundcloud

Sensing Waves Year 1 compilation- Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Sensing Airwaves podcast vol 1- iTunesSoundcloud

SW012: Floral by proche- BandcampiTunes

SW011: Deep Rest by Loft- BandcampiTunes

SW010: Hub by Siadic- BandcampiTunes

SW009: The Bend by KousK- BandcampiTunes

SW008: Hemispheres (feat. Shane Kellahan) by Shamik- BandcampiTunes

SW007: Borough Streets by Ebbwebs- BandcampiTunes / Video

SW006: Impulses by Calmpound- BandcampiTunes

SW005: No Lords by Heroshe- BandcampiTunes

SW004: 11 11 rmx (feat. Lee Hutzulak) by souns- BandcampiTunes

SW003: Cloaca Maxima by Žhii- BandcampiTunes

SW002: Wen Im Alone by Calmpound- BandcampiTunes

SW001: The Point by Shamik- BandcampiTunes